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Revised Birth Chart... one time offer.

I had my chart done professionally, and it would appear that there were some miscalculations on the chart I did for myself way back when. So, I'm atoning for it by posting the correct and revised edition here.

What is your sign?

I'm something of an afficiando here... so forgive me if I seem overzealous.
Personal planets

Sun sign Taurus [I don't typify my sign, I'm more like Aries and Gemini with prominent Aquarian attributes.]
Deacan: Virgo
Dwaad: Sagittarius

Ascendant: Leo [BIG presence]

Moon: Cancer [Moody; yet compassionate, nurturing, and committed.]

Mercury: Gemini [Witty, suited to research, and travel-friendly =D]

Venus: Taurus [amiability and fidelity]

Mars: Cancer [Works for the home; patient.]

Generational planets

Jupiter: Gemini [Good talker, Educated, love of learning and travel]

Saturn: Capricorn [Scrupulous, honest, correct, worthy and respectable]

Uranus: Capricorn [ driven.'nuff said.]

Neptune: Capricorn [discerning, wise, and sensible]

Pluto: Scorpio [ hehe... *wink*]

Heavenly Bodies:

Chiron: Cancer 4.48
Ceres: Taurus 12.32
Pallas: Aries 0.35
Juno: Leo 29.14
Vesta: Capricorn 15.28
Fortune: Virgo 29.17
South node: Virgo 1.46

Just on a side note, my VII house is Aquarius (degree 16.22)

What qualities are you looking for?

I want a man who won't mind being affectionate; I'm naturally a bit insecure, and the affection will quell any fears I may have. I would like someone considerate, grounded, and genuinely intelligent.. not in the trivial-persuit type of way. Chivalry was shot... but he still lives on in my memory so it'd be wonderful if you could be like him.. you know... open the door for me so I don't walk into it and bleed all over you? (LOL!) Oh yeah.. I should probably mention that cynical humor comes with this package, so if you're the type who will constantly correct me... Do us both a favor and move on to another post. Self righteousness gets on my nerves BIG TIME.

Sometimes I wonder if it would kill guys my age to have a sense of direction (figurative sense)... and considering 10 of them die a day on '95 (literally), I don't think this whole "one day at a time" thing is working all that great. I'll be honest, I'm a Planner.. yes, with a CAPITAL P. I'm such a planner it defies the laws of standard English usage! So any guy with me had better live in the future, it is sort of hard to have a relationship when we're living in two COMPLETELY different time zones.

I also want a guy who is going to be committed. I'm looking to settle down in the next 5 years, and I don't want something frivolous. I don't want kids, I haven't since I was 5 years old [I guess my little sister ruined the magic, who knows?]. I don't hate them, but I'd rather be involved with somebody who isn't preoccupied with spreading his own DNA; at the same time, I don't want someone who wont make a move on me... cause let's face it, making moves is something I don't do.

I'm sexually averse, so don't expect me to give it up-- but that doesn't mean I don't like to feel sexy.

Are there any signs you're particularly interested in?

I've had WONDERFUL relationships with Capricorns; Sagittarians, and especially those wonderful Scorps. Everyone loves a Scorpio. Aries men tend to take charge, and I like that; I've never dated a Cancer, so I'm curious about them; Piscean men cast a spell on me, I love them up. Librans are wonderfully romantic, and any cuspers are always welcome.

How old are you and what age range are you looking for?

I'm 17 going on 20 something. I'm very open minded, so any age works as long as the difference is no more than 6 years.

Tell us a little about yourself...

Well, I'm a sweet woman with a lot to offer. I speak 3 languages, 2 fluently, and I'm in constant pursuit of new interests. Astrology caught me early on, but since then I have delved into other divinations, such as Cartomancy and Oneiromancy. I am also an avid palmist.

I'm witty, but sometimes tactless; I have the sort of personality that will have you in stitches one minute and deep in thought the next. I'm very serious, and a bit too sensitive occasionally, but I get over things quickly. I'm rather dorky... but as that won't draw any votes, I'll be eloquent and say "eccentric." Being a loony tune like myself will get you brownie points.

I'm naturally helpful, but not all that patient. I have to be with you for a while until you get the "fidelity" and the "patience." Once I latch on, I want it to be for the long run.

Overall I'm good looking [I've been blatantly honest throughout this whole thing, so trust me on that] sensual, intelligent, and ambitious. I've got a dry, tongue in cheek sense of humor that will leave you in stitches. I'm not one of those dime a dozen type girls, and I don't want a dime a dozen guy.
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