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What is your sign?

scorpio sun/pisces moon/sagittarius rising.  that's the main bit.  i'm also a scorpio venus and a libra mars if you're interested in that as well.

What qualities are you looking for? (be specific, everyone wants someone with a good sense of humor, what ELSE are you looking for? or, if you honestly don't know, say so, and tell us what you know DOESN'T work for you)

i'm not sure that i'm looking for love.  a while back i saw a nice little saying that went something like "love is not gazing at each other, but gazing in the same direction."  i think that's my attitude nowadays.  i want someone who has the same heart as i do, so to speak.  someone who is pationate about the same things.  intelligence is a must.  i hate stupid people.  i want a deep thinker, but also someone who does not have their head in the crowds.  i want someone who is not afraid to do the right thing, even if it may cost what is most dear to them.  sex would be nice, but (even though i am a scorpio) is not a must.  i want someone who has their values in mind at all times and is always true to themselves.  most of all, i DON'T want someone who needs me.  i see my future relationships as more of one of comrades in the struggle against the world than as love-birds kissing in a tree and constantly chatting on the phone.  oh, and one more thing.  NO LONG DISTANT RELATIONSHIPS!!!  they do not work.  period.  except for online friends.  friends.  that would be ok. btw, i go to the college of charleston, if you want to know my general area.

Are there any signs you're particularly interested in?

i guess i don't know what i want.  everything seems to have a fault.  pisceans are wonderful, but often play the little-girl-lost card.  libras are great, but often can't make up their mind.  leos generally don't work for me because they always seem to try giving me bullshit to sound intelligent.  i suppose the best thing would be a water or earth sign.  then again, i'm also willing to give just about anything a try.

How old are you and what age range are you looking for?

if you want to know how old i am, contact me.  but as for the general range for myself and my ideal partner, suffice it to say that i am in college.

Tell us a little about yourself...

i'm a taoist when i can be.  i like to think of myself as a philosopher, though you probably won't catch me writing any treatisies.  i'm a fighter who loves the martial arts.  i am very ambitious in my own sense.  i am not very trusting.  i've been told i'm good in bed, but that would be in the personal opinions of others.  many say that i am a revolutionary.  i suppose that's true, but i certainly would never want m people to come to ay harm.  i am very affectionate.  i am very loyal.  honor is one of my highest ideals.  not sure what else.  contact me if you want to know more.

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