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What is your sign?

Scorpio in Sun
Pieces in Moon

What qualities are you looking for? (be specific, everyone wants someone with a good sense of humor, what ELSE are you looking for? or, if you honestly don't know, say so, and tell us what you know DOESN'T work for you)

Don’t know really...It just has to feel right or feel like I made some sort of connection. A person interested in something at least slightly spiritual or higher learning.

Are there any signs you're particularly interested in?

Not really but I’m curious to find someone with signs similar to mine.

How old are you and what age range are you looking for? I’m in high school currently ask me personally for a number. Same for the range.

Tell us a little about yourself...
Male looking for another….I’m not very good at descriptions. I came to Astrology since I find it really fits me in everyway so far.

Sun in Scorpio -09th House - direct motion
Moon in Pisces- 01st House-direct motion
Mercury in Scorpio- 09th House - direct motion
Venus in Capricorn- 11th House-direct motion
Mars in Scorpio-08th House - direct motion
Jupiter in Cancer- 05th House -retrograde motion
Saturn in Capricorn-11th House-direct motion
Uranus in Capricorn-11th House-direct motion
Neptune in Capricorn- 11th House- direct motion
Pluto in Scorpio- 09th House -direct motion
True Node -Aquarius- 01st House- retrograde motion
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