chandlarrrg (brighteyesbleed) wrote in astrologyinlove,

What is your sign? Gemini.Dragon.

What qualities are you looking for? (be specific, everyone wants someone with a good sense of humor, what ELSE are you looking for? or, if you honestly don't know, say so, and tell us what you know DOESN'T work for you) oh man. this question is so hard. I need someone goofy. I can't handle people who get over-stressed because I feed off of energy. I need someone who can keep me guessing. Doesn't try and suck up to me. is honest. will stand up for themselves. Doesnt accept things simply BECAUSE. Can be happy staying in or going out. Is confident enough to be embarrased in public. picks up on things other people miss.
Are there any signs you're particularly interested in? welllllllll so far in my quest, I've seemed to get along REALLLYYYYYYY well with boys who are Geminis (I either LOVE or HATE you) Aquarius', Aries' and Scorpios. is this out of character? I've heard that these are signs I tend to be attracted to, but I've also heard the complete opposite and that I shoudl keep my running shoes handy.

How old are you and what age range are you looking for? Im 17. I'm not really EXACTLY looking for love, but im not exactly........not. I always seem to get along better with boys who are older than me. I'm really just wanting to know..... maybe WHY I get so freaked out when boys like me back. Its like, the chase is so much fun for me........ and then once I know they like me back i get really freaked out and retreat. I want to know why! I'm worried of becoming... 26 and still doing the same thing, and missing out on a lot of experiences

Tell us a little about yourself... Shy. self conscious. get along with most people well. likeable. Good at making friends- not so good at Strengthening them. Tendency to start things and not finish them. Sensitive. witty. I love to write. manic tendencies. totally insane. Want to reach out- not sure how to go about it.
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