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Recently I posted a synastry chart between me and a girl Named Tiffany. The relationship went completely down hill due to her fickleness between me and her ex. During this time of confusion though, I found myself falling for her sister. Her sister (Helen) Was always there for me when Tiffany failed, she caught my tears and felt my pain yet never had to do anything for me. She had protected me the whole time, and held me when everything seemed to fall apart. I never appricated it as much, till recently. During the middle of January I began to agnowedge my feelings for her, in the past they had been just a hidden desire I thought of from time to time. So, after spilling my heart out to her about how I felt, last sunday, I realized that the feeling I had was a mutual feeling...and things have been going wonderfully, yet something seems like its missing or messed up. We share everything, especially our emotions, yet there is something to do with Tiffany that discourages me. 

Im not real sure how to deal or pinpoint what Im feeling, but at times I can be emotionally distant toward Helen, and she feels its her making me feel that way... I wish astrologically I could explain it better. If anyone could help it would be so greatly appriciated.

Keep in mind: Helen is 7 months pregnant with a little girl and Tiffany feels her sister has backstabbed her by whats going on. Tiffany still claims to love and care for me.

Thank you so much.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

If there is anymore Information you need to know about the situation to better understand, since this is only a very small summary, feel free to ask...I just need answers to understand.
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