Pure Evil Youkai (pureevilyoukai) wrote in astrologyinlove,
Pure Evil Youkai

Kay, so I'm new

What is your sign?

What qualities are you looking for? (be specific, everyone wants someone with a good sense of humor, what ELSE are you looking for? or, if you honestly don't know, say so, and tell us what you know DOESN'T work for you)
Taller than me, can make me feel good about myself, doesn't choose video games and/or friends over me, umm...will listen to me when I need to talk...I guess just a well-rounded, good, respectful person...

Are there any signs you're particularly interested in?
My last relationship was a Gemini and I found that they are very disagreeable with and it didn't work out at all.

How old are you and what age range are you looking for?
16. No more than 4 years older

Tell us a little about yourself...
My name's Christine...I'm 5'5", brown eyes, brown hair, ummm...I read a lot and I love dancing...I write poetry...I have a myspace if anyone wants to look at pictures.

And now I feel dumb and that my answers were inadequate. =(
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